RENT delegates will be able to connect with the community housing sector’s thought leaders, familiar faces from past events, and emerging professionals.


The RENT includes space for messaging with fellow delegates during keynotes and sessions. 

Drop into our networking space throughout the day to connect with the sector’s familiar faces, and welcome the newer members who may be attending their first RENT! Our networking platform provides space for smaller group chats within the same room so you can move freely between conversations and live, face-to-face interactions.


Follow these tips to ensure your virtual RENT experience includes successful networking:

  • Let your community know you’re attending! Once you’ve registered, share the news on your social media channels with info on the education sessions or keynotes you’re looking forward to. Check out the SPEAKERS page for our speakers’ social media handles, and be sure to add #virtualRENT2021 to your post! 
  • Create a networking game plan. We won’t be bumping into key funders or decision-makers in the coffee lineup so it’s important to know who you’d like to meet before the event starts. Having specific goals like meeting three new people in your field, connecting with a leader in another region, or trading contact info with at least five fellow delegates is a good way to stay focused. 
  • Stay active on social media throughout the conference by posting your thoughts about the keynotes and sessions, including screengrabs of live events, and search the #virtualRENT2021 hashtag to connect with other delegates. You’ll be entered to win a special prize!
  • Engage in messaging tools during the presentations with comments, questions and one-on-one messaging options with others in the room to establish and solidify new connections. 
  • Follow up with your new connections while the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Within the first week after the RENT, email your new contacts to thank them for the conversation, connect with other delegates talking about their experience on social media, send out those LinkedIn requests and be sure to confirm any follow-up meeting details.